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Fact Sheets Fact Sheets

The levee business case and beyond

This document is designed to consolidate the information that has led to the levee decision and providesome clarity on what is planned for flood protection. It includes: „ A snapshot of...

Levee Business Case and Decision

Central Highlands Regional Council recently decided not to pursue levees as a flood mitigation option for Emerald. Find out more here .

Nogoa clean out

Eleven sites in the Nogoa River have been selected for vegetation clearing and soil removal. Work has commenced and will be completed by February 2017, weather permitting. Find out more here .

New Street Evacuation Route

By raising New Street, access from affected properties to the Emerald town centre can be provided for flood events up to the same magnitude as the 2010/11 event. This evacuation route will be an...

Levee Fact Sheet

What is a levee? A levee can vary in form depending on the landscape and other factors. This fact sheet gives you a brief explaination of typical levees and gives some examples of alternative types. ...

Shortcut Definitions Fact Sheet

Council have put together some definitions guidelines to help make mitigation content easier to understand. View Shortcuts and Definitions Fact Shee t.