Emerald Flood Mitigation Check List Emerald Flood Mitigation Check List

Since the last devastating Queensland flood event, Central Highlands Regional Council has been working diligently to establish a flood mitigation scheme to protect Emerald and the 12 major towns within the region.

To summarise briefly: a Floodplain Management Plan proposed several recommendations, one of which was to build levees on both sides of the Nogoa River in Emerald.

This recommendation was explored by the Emerald Flood Protection Scheme Feasibility Study, which found that a system of levees was feasible and recommended some options for where the levees would be placed.

Extensive consultation and engagement with the community was undertaken with surveys, information sessions and workshops with landholders directly affected by the proposed levees.

Now, the council has made a decision to proceed to a staged design phase to be able to assess the cost of the project.


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